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Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge – Week One

On January 1st, after celebrating my grandparent’s 71st wedding anniversary, I was talking with a photographer friend of mine who came up with the idea of creating her own Western Lifestyle themed 365 day photo challenge. So promptly 3 days later she created a Facebook group and we started out on this journey that will last 365 days. Each day, She posts the theme for the day. Each member then goes out and takes a picture that represents that theme then posts it in the group. The goal is to expand your creative boundaries in photography and get you out every single day taking photos. Once a week I will share my 365 photos here on my blog. Enjoy!

Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-0565

Day 1/365: New
Emily got a new halter for Little Horse for Christmas and was excited to try it on to see how it fit.

Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-0565

Day 2/365: Wise 
With all the snow coming down, Isaac was wise to wait in the barn with Fancy and the Cutter Sleigh for his guests to arrive for their sleigh ride.

Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-0565

Day 3/365: Leather 
There sure is a lot of leather on this 4-up hitch of Darin Nagle’s! It was so fun having him take out sleigh rides with four horses hooked to the sleigh instead of just two.

Day 4/365: Tack 
Potential Tack – These are tooling patterns from a leather tooling pattern book from 1962. So much potential for amazing pieces of tack in there!

Day 5/365: From Above
Cowgirl Snow Angel
Ok, so I must admit that I had help with this one. This was most definitely a team effort. So, thank you Landon Otis for operating the drone!

Day 6/365: Foot
Don’t Put Your Foot Here!
Ok, so I have to admit that I struggled with this one. I really wanted to do something creative and out of the box so I spent ALL DAY thinking about it and then I ran out of daylight. 🙄 So at 8:00 this evening I finally gave in and took this photo.

Day 7/365: Pattern
A trio of patterns

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