Cowboy hat with snow

Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge: Week 6

Camera lens with image seen through lens

Day 36/365: Layers
Well, thanks to inspiration from Landon I have a photo! I really struggled to find a photo to represent the world of the day but ultimately got the job done.

Black and white spotted dog wrapped in a blanket

Day 37/365: Action
To preface this, I have to admit that I fell asleep on the couch editing photos. My dear sweet, hilarious husband first took a picture of me sleeping, then took one of my photos, edited it and posted it for me. When I woke up I grabbed my own “real post for today”. This pretty much sums up my mood and any amount of action taken for the evening. I fell asleep shortly after this…I was real ambitious. 

Old hat with turquoise squash blossom necklace

Day 38/365: Turquoise 
A little gritty and a little pretty. A few months back I stole grandpa’s old hat out of his closet (Ok, I didn’t steal it. He let me take it.) I told him I needed it as a photo prop. I haven’t used it until now but I think it makes a pretty awesome backdrop for this necklace.

Cowboy hat with snow

Day 39/365: Structure
I wanted to take a close up photo of the structure of a big beautiful snowflake. Unfortunately the snow today is not cooperating with my plans. Teeny tiny snowflakes are all we have gotten here today.

Man in a blue coat very cold

Day 40/365: Cold
Landon went outside during one of our cold snaps here in North Idaho to get his photo of the day. He was very cold after his little picture taking adventure.

Cowboy standing in a dark barn

Day 41/365: Product
Landon and I decided to kill two birds with one stone today. We got our word of the day photos along with some product shots for a fun new project Landon and I are working on. I was also trying to kill a third bird by getting a photo for another project; a back-lit, moody photo of a person. I am not sure that I nailed that one though.

snow covered mountains and field

Day 42/365: Fence
“Don’t fence me in!” I’ve been feelin’ a little fenced into my house taking care of my sick kiddos. Getting outside for a bit to take pictures was a much-needed escape from the house.

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