cowgirl in a black hat with red lips

Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge: Week 5

This week of the photo challenge began about 200 yards from the Mexico border and ended 60 miles from the Canada border. I was happy to be home but to say I am missing the warmth and sunshine is an understatement.

Mule at sunset

Day 29/365: Toy
Emily is toying with the idea that we need mules at the ranch now that she has met this Molly . This is Patti. I met Patti at Rancho de la Osa. She was a government-owned pack mule from Yosemite National Park. Ross Knox rode and packed her when he worked there. They gave her to him as a retirement present. He sent her to the White Stallion ranch where she lived and worked for several years. When Ross and his wife Lynn came to work at Rancho de la Osa, this mule moved there with them. She now takes little kiddos on rides and hangs out in the yard waiting for the chef to come out and feed her a carrot or a guest to walk by and scratch her ears.

Citrus fruit stacked

Day 30/365: Food
I picked citrus fruit off the tree for the first time today. Did you know that orange trees have thorns?

Silver concho on quilt

Day 31/365: Rustic
We made it through all the shuttles and transfers and airports to home today only to find our accommodations at home to be rather rustic with no running water. But thanks to Landon Otis and my dad (and a trip to town for Landon to get parts), we are back in the 21st century. This is a last minute shot of my favorite rustic earring. I lost the match to this one but I’ve kept it in hopes that I will find the match or something creative to do with a single earring.

cowgirl in a black hat with red lips

Day 32/365: Color
I love a little pop of red! Thanks to Landon for helping me make this “selfie” happen.

Sunset and weather veins on a barn

Day 33/365: Weather 
I love these weather veins. Mom was insistent that the barn have the cupolas complete with the weather veins and I am so glad that she did. The barn has much more character with them. They also make a great photographic subject.

Platter of appetizers

Day 34/365: Snacks 
We are not big Super Bowl watchers so we didn’t go to a party with a table full of food. Instead, I made dinner in appetizer “snack” food form.

Turkey feather and turquoise ring

Day 35/365: Black and White 
I love these little black and white turkey feathers. Also, I have a growing obsession with turquoise jewelry.

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