Horses backs at sunset

Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge: Week 4

This fourth week of the Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge continued on during our trip to Arizona. The ranches that we visited made finding western lifestyle settings to shoot each picture for the day easy. This week’s photos were taken at Tanque Verde Ranch just outside of Tucson in the Saquaro National Forrest, at Old Tucson Studios, and at Rancho de la Osa on the Arizona/Mexico border.

Horses backs at sunset
Father and sun at aquarium

Day 22/365: Moments
I am going to be a rebel here and post two pictures because it’s getting late, my brain is shutting down and I just can’t decide between the two. So……moment #1 brought to you by the Saguaro National Forest at sunset. Moment #2, brought to you by the Tucson Zoo, Gabe and Landon Otis. That is their impression of Gabe swimming with the fishes!

Lantern through the window

Day 23/365: Shape
So many shapes to choose from today! I didn’t get my camera out until late but I was drawn to this lantern outside the window that was divided into rectangle shapes.

Sunset shadow on the wall

Day 24/365: Shadow 
My shadow was feelin’ a little sassy this afternoon! Landon Otis gets half the credit for this photo because he set it up and handed me the camera. He’s getting pretty handy with my camera!

Hand lighting a match

Day 25/365: Matching
I am shortening the word of the day to its original form of the word “match”. And so I give you, a match!

Man with blue eyes and a mustache

Day 26/365: Eye
I always wanted to marry a man with blue eyes and have blue-eyed babies. I got my blue-eyed man but not blue-eyed babies.

Stunt man falling off of Spanish church

Day 27/365: Time
Don’t take your guns to town son, leave your guns at home Bill
don’t take your guns to town. It looks like Bill didn’t listen to his mama and this will be the last time he takes his guns to town.

Ross Knox at the Rancho de la Osa

Day 28/365: Hair
This is Ross Knox. If you know the Cowboy Poetry scene you already know that he is something of a founding father and celebrity at cowboy poetry gatherings. He also holds a Guinness Book of World Records for his nearly 50,000 miles covered packing mules into the Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon. He and his wife are now managers at Rancho de la Osa in Arizona at the Mexican border. He took us on a hair raising utv ride to some cool old ruins and petroglyphs right at the Mexican border. He had way to much fun hassling me for my fear of his driving skills.

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