Tombstone Monument Ranch street at night

Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge: Week 3

This 3rd week of our 365 photo challenge began in snow covered North Idaho and ended on the sunny streets of Tombstone, Arizona. Our family vacation/working vacation was off to a fantastic and fun start!

Sunshine through the trees

Day 15/365: Timber 
Sunshine through the timber

Little Cowgirl in black and white

Day 16/365: Below
I took this photo from below Emily. I was not really happy with how this turned out because it wasn’t the vision I had for the photo when I first took it. It’s too grainy and dark but that’s what I get for procrastinating. Don’t wait till bedtime to be creative!

Girl jumping into the snow

Day 17/365: Adventure
Adventure is out there!

Moose in the snow eating out of a Cedar Tree

Day 18/365: Comfort
These two were pretty comfortable under that tree! I sat there for a long time taking pictures and they were still there when I left.

Straw hat with paper flower

Day 19/365: Tool

Working on my phone photo skills today. This is one if my favorite tools. It keeps my head dry and my face from getting burnt by the sun.

Tombstone Monument Ranch street at night

Day 20/365: Dream
I have been dreaming of being here for a while. I am told there are a lot of ghost stories in this town but that is just a bunch of hogwash…right?

Cowboy playing miniature golf

Day 21/365: Urban Cowboy 
I feel like this one just doesn’t require any description.

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