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Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge: Week 2

During week two of the Western Lifestyle 365 Photo Challenge I feel like I really gained momentum in creativity. I was out every day with my camera searching out the perfect image to match the theme for each day. Stretching my creative comfort zones got me taking pictures of things I wouldn’t normally be drawn to and in locations I wouldn’t normally attempt to shoot.

Day 8/365: Frame 
This one may be a bit of a stretch but…I like the way that the background branches act as a sort of frame around the central cluster of berries.

Day 9/365: Soft
I had a really hard time deciding which photo to post today since Gabe and Julie (the horse) were such a cute combo. But Gabe’s sweet face won out. This vest and those fur chaps are SOOOO soft. They are both vintage finds and I really don’t know what animal could be as soft as those chaps are other than somebody’s dog.

Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-0880

Day 10/365: Ice
The first thing that I thought of when I saw the theme “ice” was diamonds. So here is my diamond wedding ring. I love my ring. Landon picked it out and we had the band made to fit with the engagement ring. Its one of a kind.

My model was not happy with taking part in this photo shoot. She kept moving around and shaking her neck. She gave me a heart attack about three times when she shook her head and I was sure my ring was going to go flying out into the mud and snow.

Day 11/365: Forage
I went out to take pictures of the horses eating their morning forage, but this was so much better! When you can drive the tractor pulling the trailer full of hay and shoot turkeys off the haystack at the same time, you have made it to a whole nother level of cowboy!

Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-

Day 12/365: Mountains

The topline of a horse has always reminded me of mountains. I love when they line up just right like this to look like a whole range of mountains!


Day 13/365: Wire
I struggled with this one. I thought about taking a picture of barbed wire with frost but I figured someone else would do that. Beyond barbed wire, I could think of nothing…all day long. I tried taking some pictures with my phone on Schweitzer today but I do not have my good friend, Sammi Jo’s phone photography skills. So… here you have a pair of super cool wood earrings that I got for Christmas made by a friend of ours. They have a wire hook, so, that counts as wire. 

Day 14/365: Denim 

This may need a little more explanation here than it required in the challenge group. My husband is also participating in this challenge. He did a coordinating photo with this one. But that may have to be its own post for another time.

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