The Bosses Are Back


The bosses are back at the ranch after heading to Arizona one week ago for the annual Dude Ranchers’ Association Convention.  They like to take the opportunity to go to this convention to stay up-to-date on industry trends, marketing, products, problems, and to get a bit of a jump start to the guest ranching year.  Getting to spend a week in sunny Arizona sitting next to the pool sipping ice tea and going on desert horseback rides may be a small reason they go as well. But now that they are back, they have set right to work on a list of projects they compiled while at the convention. I can’t give away all the things they are working on but I can let you in on a few.

Ever heard of Fodder Feeding systems for horses? Neither had I, but everyone here is very interested as several other ranches have implemented this system with great success in their horse herd. More to come on this later.

My husband, Landon, works at Keokee in Sandpoint as a web developer. Lets just say that Landon is going to be working on a project for the ranch starting tomorrow.

I am looking forward to posting a guest blog topic coming up very soon. Any guesses who the guest writer will be?

I even got a little project of my own schemed, planned, booked and mostly organized while the bosses were away.

I look forward to sharing the finished products when all of our projects are completed.

See you down the trail!



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