Adventure out your front door

Spring Adventure #3: Outside Your Front Door

Not every adventure is hundreds of miles from home, across the ocean, at the top of a mountain or the bottom of a valley.  Sometimes a great adventure is right outside your front door.

A new tent set up in our front yard was the grandest of adventures for our two children. In the words of Gabe, “This is the best night ever!” Gabe is very enthusiastic about life so many things are, “the best ever”. Getting ice cream today made this day, “the best day ever!”.  We slept in the tent 40 feet from our front door.  We could see the stars and hear the frogs croaking in the creek below us. It was our grand adventure, just outside our front door.

Find adventure in the small things.  Don’t get so lost in looking for a big adventure that you miss out on all the little adventures life has to offer.

“To live would be an awfully big adventure!”  – Peter Pan

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