How to Row a Boat

While the Northeast part of the U.S. is being covered by a massive snow fall, we here in the Northwest are beginning to wonder if its time to brush up on our nautical skills. If you feel the need to  review your boat rowing, here is an excellent link to show you how: How to Row a Boat

Yesterday was beautiful. As we were driving to Post Falls, Landon kinda reminded me of a happy lab that has been stuck in a dark house for a week straight and then gets taken out into the sunshine for a ride in the pickup with the windows down. He was that excited about the sunshine. Which brings me to this:

february weather

And then to this:

march 2015

Do you see those Sandpoint temperatures for February and March? There is only one day that the forecasted high dips below 40 degrees. I just did a happy dance.  Okey all you pessimists or realists, whichever you prefer to call yourselves, I know that this is a long way out to forecast and the weather man is rarely ever right.  Also the weather in North Idaho changes like the moods of a mare in heat but on a day like today, this weather report makes me happy.

Why would a weather report with, what other parts of the country would consider to be crummy weather, cause me to do the happy dance? Two reasons.

Number one. This is what it looks like at my house today:



What you can’t see is that it is raining. Also the swamp you see down there is supposed to be a field with a creek in it. Two days ago it was a lake/river complete with rapids.

Reason number two. The snow is leaving which means the ranch will soon no longer do sleigh rides which means the sleighs will soon be removed from the indoor arena which means I get to do more of this:

Smokey and Danielle loping


I would now like to introduce you to “Danielle’s Excited Face”. If ever you see this, it means Danielle is really excited. Right now, I am really excited to get out and RIDE!

Danielle's Excited Face


You can thank my husband for capturing this one.

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