Groundwork Update: Day 14

This week was a bit busier for me so I have only gotten in three days of working with Zeus. I am on day 14 of my 30 days of Clinton Anderson Fundamentals groundwork. Today was the shortest lesson so far, but he was also the most relaxed that I have probably ever seen him.
It is warm comfortable sort of day; the kind of day where most of the horses in the dry lot are laying down taking a sun bath. Zeus was no exception, until I walked over and he jumped up. That wasn’t unusual as he has never let me get close to him while he is laying down. He walked over to me which is a new development that I am still getting used to. I used to have to play a little “I am not here to get you but I am not going to let you leave so maybe you might decide that it was actually your idea to come over to me and get caught” game.  As I finished saddling him I realized he was doing two things that I have never seen him do before. He was dropped and he had his hind foot cocked in a relaxed, layed back sort of way.  He has never, ever showed those signs of relaxation at anytime that I have worked with him or at anytime when he is tied in the barn. I declare a breakthrough! Now, I hope I am not speaking too soon, and I am sure tomorrow will tell, but this is a big deal for this horse folks.
I am hoping that tomorrow will give me enough time to add some saddle time to the groundwork. I am looking forward to being horseback again.
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