Christmas Tree Sleigh Rides

Can you believe it? It’s already the time of year to start thinking about getting your Christmas Tree. Everyone seems to have a very different idea about the perfect time to get a Christmas tree. Some set up their tree on Christmas Eve, which, I must say, is not enough time to enjoy the dazzling sight and soothing fragrance of a Christmas tree. Some get their tree up sometime after the first of December because, of course, you can’t start thinking about Christmas until the calendar says “December”. Others set their tree up the day after Thanksgiving as family is still about to enjoy decorating together. And then there is the crazy, way too prepared, extreme few who decorate their tree before Thanksgiving. That’s just not right!

Whatever your Christmas tree tradition, consider adding a new tradition that will gather the whole family for some simple old fashioned enjoyment. Consider this memorable outing, where you will load up on one of our horse drawn sleighs and enjoy a scenic ride to the tree lot. There you will pick out a fresh cut locally grown Christmas tree. Then gather the family and your tree and ride the sleigh back to the lodge where you will be served fresh popped popcorn, hot chocolate, and coffee.

We will be offering these rides starting the day after Thanksgiving, running through December until we run out of trees. Call to make a reservation at (208) 263-9066. $90.00 for a family of four (this price includes the tree), $15.00 for each additional person.

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