Two horses running in the field

I Wish

I don’t like to wish away days. “I wish it was Saturday”, “I wish it was next month”, “I wish it was Spring”. I used to do a lot of wishing away Winter. Here in North Idaho, we have four very distinct seasons. So if I spent my whole life wishing away Winter, I would have been un-happy, un-satisfied and un-greatful for a quarter of my life. A few years back, I vowed not to wish away anymore; to find joy and contentment in each day that passes. I was reminded that Idaho’s Winter’s are beautiful and enchanting. I re-learned how to ski with my then 5 year old daughter. I found out that my favorite time for photos is when it’s snowing. And I was reminded that I love curling up in front of the fire with a good book. All that being said, I struggled the last few days to not be dreaming about days like the one in this picture and riding that spotted horse. The snow is falling, the wind is blowing and I have two sick kiddos who have been asleep on the couch instead of going to school and playing outside. But even confined to the house, I have found little joys. I cought up on blog posts, edited photos, cleaned, organized and got to spend some quality time with my kids. I even baked 3 dozen sweet potato cinnamon rolls which I have been living on for the last three days. I found a lot of joy in those cinnamon rolls!