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April Fools

We have officially made it through another April Fool’s day! With friends pulling elaborate jokes and fake news articles flying around it was pretty hard to not get sucked into believing someone’s April Fool’s joke along the way. I am proud to say that this year, I wasn’t fooled at all. Yep, and let me tell you that isn’t something I can say every year. So, in honor of April Fool’s day 2015 being over, here are some of my favorite April Fool’s gags from yesterday. Did any of these fool you?

1. Horse Illustrated Announces 2015 Swimsuit Edition

Horses in swimsuits…I can see that going over well. Find the whole story on

2. Priest Lake: Picking Huckleberries in the National Forest Will Be Closed for the 2015 Season

This one really got everyone up in arms. Here in the Northwest, we take our Huckleberries pretty seriously. Based on some of the comments on Facebook, I think that the natives were ready to riot! The article has since been removed but you can visit to see the site that came up with the story.

3. Tesco announces on twitter that it will be adding bouncy floors to its store floors for easier access to top shelf items

4. Tower of Pisa to be turned into a hotel

The Telegraph reported that the hotel will be called 3.99 Degrees and each floor will be turned into a single room, each named after a hero of the Italian Renaissance.

5. How to Drink Your Own Urine by

Yep, and I have to say this one just about got me. I could believe that someone out there would think that drinking their own pee was good for them. Yikes!
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