Danielle's Excited Face

Well folks it is official, Western Pleasure Guest Ranch is now open for trail rides for the 2015 season!  I took a couple on the first official spring trail ride of the year this morning.  It was a beautiful day, temps in the high 40’s, and clear blue sky as far as you could see.  This calls for Danielle’s Excited Face:

Danielle's Excited Face

Danielle’s Excited Face

The trails are a combo of dry ground, a little snow and lots of running water.  Its great spring riding out there! Turbo, my ride for today, was convinced that we should go home so he could eat his lunch. On the other hand, I could have stayed out there all day.


Turbo was happy to be headed home

Chance and Doc carried our guests on the ride.  Can you tell these two are brothers? They are both out of our old Katie mare who gave us 10 great foals (we still have 8 of them).

Doc and Chance

Doc and Chance

I really can’t believe that it is just the end of February.  Check out the arena here at the ranch! Usually it is still covered with snow this time of year.


The outdoor arena

And lastly, I would like to present to you…..



GREEN GRASS!!!! Can you believe it? I think I am almost as excited as the horses!

If you have your own horse at home, get out and enjoy this beautiful weather with your four-legged friend! If you don’t have your own horse, and are itching to get out for a little horseback adventure, call Western Pleasure Guest Ranch (208-263-9066) and get your ride booked.

Happy early spring ya’ll!



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