Spring Adventure #2: Copper Falls, Bonners Ferry and Camping

Adventure, explore, experience. These are the theme words for our family summer of adventure. In my last post, we kicked it off with an Easter Sunrise Service on top of Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort’s Great Escape quad. Spring break has now arrived at our household and so have 10 days of adventure opportunities.

I was inspired by this article about an “epic” water fall road trip in north Idaho. The article featured 9 waterfalls in the panhandle of Idaho. It was my goal explore the water falls in our area that we could access with the children in individual day trips.  We packed up and headed north for a day trip to Copper Falls about 25 miles north of Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  It was a beautiful drive up Hwy 95 and the trail head was easy to access; a short 2 mile off the highway. The trail into Copper Falls was  mild and well maintained. It was an easy outing for our kiddos to hike. They were still ready for more waterfall hunting when we finished this hike. We had fun on the bridges that cross the creek below the falls on the loop trail.

Little Hikers at Copper Falls
Emily at Copper Falls
The bridges bellow Copper Falls
Gabe at Copper Falls
My hooligans
Bridge bellow Copper Falls
Landon and I at Copper Falls
Landon my Love
On the trail to Copper Falls

After visiting Copper Falls, we headed back into Bonners Ferry to find lunch.  We stopped in at Under the Sun for food, coffee and gelato.  This little shop is full of eclectic, vintage, and shabby chic pieces and is also home to a coffee shop and an all natural and organic bistro style deli.  The children especially enjoyed eating in the “bird cage”.

Hand powered spigot in the cabin
Welcome to the cabin
Emily on the deck of the cabin

After arriving at home, it was time to pack up for our overnight camp out at our family’s cabin the the woods.  I love “camping” here because it is easy.  We pack our food and pajamas onto our four-wheeler, leave from our house and arrive at our destination in 10 minutes.  The children say they love staying at the cabin because, and I quote, “there are plenty of sticks for us to play with!”.  The first order of business upon arrival was to get the indoor running water going.  This consists of a hand pump style spigot and sink on the counter in the kitchen.  The water comes from a spring up the hill from the cabin.  This is not drinking quality water but it is nice to have water for cooking and washing dishes. During the process of priming the pump to get the water going, Emily asked Landon if the bolts along the base that anchor the spigot to the counter were buttons to make it work.  I am so glad that in the 21st century, I can walk my children back in time so they can experience just a taste of life 100 years ago.

The family cabin and our transportation
The v-x ranch brand
Dinner around the campfire

The evening went along wonderfully until Emily misjudged the height of the log she was jumping, tripped and landed on her head on a rock. There was some blood and lots of tears involved, but after cleaning it up the damage was minute.

Then Isaac and Libby, my brother and sister-in-law, took Gabe for a hike up the “Big Hill”.  He had a grand time and rolled most of the way back down the hill.  Upon reaching the bottom, he decided he wanted to go up again.  I am not really sure how many times this happened, but when the climbing and rolling finally ended it was time for bed.  All that climbing and rolling must have taken its toll because no sooner was he in his pajamas than he was complaining of an upset stomach.  After Emily’s head incident and Gabe’s nausea, we nearly abandoned our camping adventure right then.  However, Gabe seemed to recover from his nausea so we cozied into the cabin for a restful night.

No adventure is really an authentic experience when it is perfect. Memories are made in the imperfections of life. We got to introduce our children to pieces of why we love this place that we call home and experience with them the beauty of nature and family. I look forward to more opportunities to experience life with my husband and children in this little piece of paradise we call home.

Campfire dinner
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