Horsely Product Review

Horsely Product Review

It continues to be a winter wonderland here in the mountains of North Idaho. Yes, another week, another snow storm. Mountain Man and I were just having a conversation today about appreciating all the seasons this area has to offer. Although summer here is fabulous and the beauty of the area is (in my humble opinion) unmatched by any other part of the country, it lasts only a short three months. My personal goal is to appreciate every season for what it is; the unique beauty and list of activities it has to offer. Winter brings with it this desire to hibernate. I am a really good hibernator. Give me a good book, photos to edit or a blog to write and I can hunker down next to the fire for days.

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Family

What is Western Pleasure Guest Ranch? A job and a lifestyle.

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch is truly a family owned and operated ranch. The owners, Roley and Janice, will likely cook and serve you breakfast each morning. Their children will saddle your horse and guide you through the valleys and vistas of the ranch that was their childhood playground. Their grandchildren will play with your children when you stay at the ranch, teaching them where the best hiding spots are for a game of Sardines, and sharing their favorite horse with your child. There is no corporate safety net, trust fund, or bottomless pocket. What you see here on the ranch is us sharing our home and our love of the western lifestyle with you.

Garden gate


For several years now, I have tried to grow a garden here in North Idaho or at least veggies in pots. I love my grandma’s garden and I have very fond memories of picking peas and carrots from her garden and eating them dirt and all. So my desire to have a garden must have come from there. I started out going all in and trying to grow a whole garden. Everything that first year became completely overgrown with weeds. The next year I reeled in my enthusiasm and fairly successfully grew some veggies in pots around our house. At that point I formulated the strategy that I would start small and each year gradually begin growing more and more. The next year Landon helped me build a larger raised bed in which I grew corn, beans, peas, strawberries and some radishes. All was well and I even got a large amount of Dilly Beans pickled, until the cows got in and feasted. No corn that year. The following year I decided it was time for an actual, real, full-on, in the ground garden. The first location for the garden I picked turned out to be the drain field for our septic system. Relocate. I spent hours laying paper and hauling composted manure. My plan was to create a miraculously weed free Back to Eden Garden, but when I discovered the price of woodchips/mulch that I was planning to use I skipped that and just did some good old fashioned weeding by hand. This worked for most of my 30’x30′ garden plot. The fence that I was hoping to put up didn’t get done and the deer ate well that summer. I will say that although they ate most of my garden, they did eat the weeds as well so I have to thank them for that. My corn was the last hold out since the deer didn’t seem to be very interested in that. As the time approached to harvest the corn, the calves got in and ate it.

towe of pisa

April Fools

We have officially made it through another April Fool’s day! With friends pulling elaborate jokes and fake news articles flying around it was pretty hard to not get sucked into believing someone’s April Fool’s joke along the way. I am proud to say that this year, I wasn’t fooled at all. Yep, and let me tell you that isn’t something I can say every year. So,  In honor of April Fool’s day 2015 being over, here are some of my favorite April Fool’s gags from yesterday. Did any of these fool you?