Appaloosa in the snow

A Photogenic Winter on the Ranch

Appaloosa in a winter wonderland

Every season at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch has its special beauty, but I have to admit that winter may be winning out as my favorite season to photograph. Winter photography presents an interesting predicament for me as I am always cold. I can relate to Charlie Brown’s little sister, Sally, when she declares, after trying in vain to apply multiple layers of winter clothes, “I wasn’t made for winter!” Know that while capturing the following photos, I either looked like the Michelin Man, or I was acquiring frostbite.

Gypsy Horse in the snow
Draft Horse in the snow
English Setter in the snow
Ranch Horses in the snow
Old Red Barn in the snow
Sledding in the horse pasture
Morning feeding at the ranch
Appaloosa in the snow
Appaloosa in the snow
Appaloosa in the snow
Draft horses in the snow
Appaloosa in the snow
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